Do you Know

Do you Know ? Christ – in every book of Bible

Simi. S. Shajan

Genesis   The seed of the woman
Exodus   passover Lamb
Liviticus   Sacrifice
Numbers   A star out of Jacob

Deuteronomy   A Prophet like Moses
Joshua   Captain of the Lord’s Hosts
Judges   Wonderful
Ruth   Kinsman Redeemer
Samuel   The Dispised and Rejected king.
Kings   Greater than solomon
Chronicles   The Prince safely hid in the temple from among the dead.
Nehemiah   Bread from heaven and water from rock.
Esther   Our Mordecai
Job   Our Risen and Returning Redeemer.
Psalms   A Priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek
Proverbs   The wisdom of God.
Ecclesiates   The forgotten wisemen
The Song of Songs   My Beloved
Isaiah   Behold my servant.
Jeremiah   Lord our Righteousness
Lamentations   The Man of sorrows.
Ezekiel   The prince for ever
Daniel   The smithing stone cut out without hands.
Hosea   David’s greater kind
Joel   Lord our God dwelling in Zion
Amos   Who builds the tabernacle of David that is fallen.
Obadiah   The Deliverer upon mount Zion.
Jonah   The Buried and Risen saviour
Micah   The everlasting God.
Nahum   Our stronghold in the day of wrath
Habakkuk   The returning Lord.
Zephaniah   The God in the midst of Zion as Mighty Saviour
Haggai   The desire of all nations
Zechariah   The man whose name in Branch
Malachi   The sun of Righteousness
Mathew   The king of Jews.
Mark   The servant of Jehovah
Luke   The perfect son of Man
John   The son of God
Acts of Apostles   The Ascended Lord.
Romans   Our Righteousness
1. Corinthians   The first -fruits from among the dead.
2. Corinthians   Made sin for us.
Galatians   The end of the law.
Ephasians   Our Armour
Philippians   The supplier of every need
Colossians   The Pre-eminent one.
1. Thessalonians   Our Returning Lord.
2. Thessalonians   The world’s Returning of judge
1. Timothy   The Mediator
2. Timothy   The bestower of crowns.
Titus   Our great God and Saviour
Philemon   The father’s Partner
Hebrews   The High Priest
James   The Lord of Sabaoth
1. Peter   Chief Shepherd
2. Peter   Long suffering saviour
1. John   The world of life.
2 & 3 John   The personification of Truth
Jude   Believer’s security
Revelation   The king of kings & Lord of John of Lords.
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